The iPhone 6 shoots the benefits of Apple iPad while still losing interest

The company, which sold more than ten million of its new “smartphones” made a profit of 6,640 million in the fourth quarter


The new smart phones iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus launched in September have enabled Apple to boost its profits in its last fiscal quarter, which amounted to 39,510 million dollars (30.867 million euros) for the full year, representing 6.7% more than the previous.

This good reception of “smartphones” have offset the slowdown in another brand star apple, tablet products iPad , which has plummeted by 14% over the same quarter last year. Your update iPad Air 2 , will arrive this week in order to maintain their market share at the expense of reduced popularizing low cost tablets based on Android operating system, the highest penetration in the world today.

The Cupertino company has said it sold between July and September this year, some 39.3 million iPhones, of which more than ten million are iPhone 6, its latest model. Thus far outstrips the five million copies sold during the first days of the release of the iPhone 5 , released in 2012.

Apple has won in the last quarter more than 8,470 million dollars (6.618 million euros), representing a 13% increase on the same period last year; entered while 42.123 million (EUR 32.913 million), up 12% from a year ago, when he managed sales of 37.472 million dollars (29.279 million euros).

“Our fiscal year 2014 was record, including the biggest launch in the history of iPhone with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus”, said the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook , said in a statement. “We’re heading into the Christmas period with the best products, with incredible innovations in our new iPhones, iPads and Macs, as well as eight new iOS and OS X operating systems Yosemite. We are also very excited about the Apple Watch and other great products and services we have in the portfolio by 2015, “he said.

This behavior contrasts with the profits from his South Korean rival Samsung, whose profits fell by 60% in the third quarter. For the full fiscal year, Apple has generated 39.510 million (30.871 million euros) in benefits, 6.7 % from 37.037 million (EUR 28.939 million) achieved in 2013 In addition, the company has entered a total of 182.795 million dollars (142.830 million euros) this year, compared with 170,910 million (133.543 million euros) admitted last year.

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