Slowly it approaches the date that the new iPhone 6 will be presented, which it seems to happen at the end of September. As this occurs, different leaks arise regarding the arrival of the new phone would be Apple, which put on the market in two variants one with 4.7 inch screen and the other five point five.

Anyway, I think that’s going to be in the game is the sapphire crystal , which is expected to be used by the Cupertino company to protect the touch panel of the iPhone 6. But, contrary to what was believed to date, only the model with larger screen would be benefited by this (which, incidentally, you must know that time is already being produced in specific centers in Arizona as one does). Thus, the model with screen protection keeps using Gorilla Glass.

The information comes from one of the supply lines of Apple, and all may be because the amount of glass produced would not give to meet the required amount of requests model Apple with smaller screen, which would amount to sixty million units, while for the 5.5-inch iPhone-order which would have 10 million-it does exist sufficient sapphire.

New data on iWatch

Yes, from the same source comes new information regarding the expected smartwatch (smart watch) Apple. And these are none other than their possible price, about $ 349 (so it would not be particularly economical, and clearly higher than the two hundred ninety-nine that were previously thought to cost), and which integrate specific functionality to control health and exercise, which would fit with the announcements made ​​with the arrival of iOS 8. Incidentally, it seems that the iWatch include coverage of silver produced by TPK.

Anyway, as has known it seems that in September the new iPhone 6 may be a reality and, thus, in the month of October may already have on the market. Even, it is more than possible that the smartwatch Apple phone comes with a presentation where again Tim Cook, will take the lead.iphone

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