Google will list your balloons with Internet network in 2015

The idea behind this “Project Loon” is to offer internet access in places where you might not get otherwise.

The idea is to provide an Internet connection speed of some places not served by traditional means, but in the future also plans to expand coverage to cities with connectivity problems.

The “project Loon Project “has been going on a year and have improved much initial progress, based on obtained data collection to improve the designs and strength of the balloons. Now the company has announced that it will be ready in 2015 to provide public access to the entire global Internet through these balloons, at least in some specific areas. For now, the latest tests have managed to provide remote schools in Brazil of precious Internet.


Each balloon offers WiFi and LTE connectivity to transmit at rate of 5 MB / s to smartphones that connect to this network, and 22 MB / s antennas especially used to capture the signal.

Each balloon can stay up to 75 days in the air, though the company expects to reach 100-day flight in the near future. The altitude at which these wolves move is an impressive 18 kilometers, ie, flying through the stratosphere of our planet with temperatures below 40 ° C.


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