Tone Infinim- LG’s new headphones

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LG has stuck the market with the unique design of its original LG Tone headphones with its latest model, the LG Tone. Like its predecessor, the newly-announced model features an around-the-neck design but adds ambient noise reduction (ANC) technology to cut down on background noise when taking calls or listening to music.
LG apparently not enough for them to steal a lot of attention from the technological means with your mobile G3 , but apart from that no longer shows other products. At least in this specific case is complemented with said device and I am them talking about the new headphones called mark Tone Infinim, as you will notice in the picture that company to this article its design is somewhat unique but the important thing is that the brand claims to be ergonomic and therefore offer much comfort when use in any occasion.
The LG Tone Infinim come with Bluetooth connection and a microphone to discussions of your mobile in a more comfortable way, either while driving, doing exercises or any other situation where you do not please get the phone from his pocket , the battery life in these serious cases about some seventeen hours continuously, besides this count with a few added special alarms, but that will only work with the brand new mobile LG to launch this coming, said G3 .

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