China Launch app to monitor pollution

In order to enable people to always know the state of the air in the city where they are located, the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs, China has developed a new application for monitoring the pollution emitted by businesses.


The tool uses data from 15,000 factories across the country, who were recently been required to report their emissions of greenhouse gases to the environmental authorities to regulate companies most polluting power.

Users will see in red in the factories that violate limit emissions to the environment, and based on this, to know what is the quality of air you breathe in different parts of China, a country plagued by pollution, and where, for example, in Beijing, its inhabitants have to go out often protected with masks .

Several media have highlighted the transparency of the Chinese authorities to allow display information about the pollution emitted by businesses, for a couple of years these data were not open to the public does.

For now, the app has begun working, and it showed a list of 370 companies that produce large amounts of pollutants.

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