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The Nokia Lumia 1520 is a landmark phone in the history of Windows Phone. For the first time since its launch, Windows Phone 8’s hardware support has caught up with the iPhone 5S and top Android phones like the Nexus 5. The Lumia 1520’s full HD screen, quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor and 2GB of RAM are exactly what we’ve come to expect from flagship phones. The 1520 is also the largest Windows Phone by a serious margin thanks to its huge 6-inch screen.
The Redmond company now reacts with the 8.1 version of Windows Phone and the first devices 6 inches signed by Nokia: The Lumia 1320 , of modest features, and the most powerful Lumia 1520 .
Both are especially significant, since in addition to being mobile with Windows Phone Marketplace largest, will also be the last released under the banner of Nokia, the handset division has just been absorbed by Microsoft.


The first thing that catches the attention of this Lumia Nokia 1520 is barely felt in the hands. It is well built and never conveys the feeling cheap terminal, as befits any device from the Finnish firm, but also departs from the guidelines set by previous models thanks to its very restrained 8.7 millimeters thick and an Weighing only 209 grams.
Little in relation to its size considering that the iconic Lumia 920 had a profile of 10.7 mm and weighing about 185 grams negligible, despite being a 4.5-inch device.
Nokia has used the plastic polish to shape its largest and most sophisticated phone. Judging by touch, it appears that the case has been made ​​in a lighter or thinner than the other terminals used in polycarbonate material, making 1520 the Lumia feel less substantial in the hands than their range.
No objection if we believe a phablet with the classic attributes of Nokia would have been unmanageable. Its completion is polished appearance, giving luster to the phone and at the same time making it a magnet for fingerprints.
The design does not lead to big surprises: we face the classic and elegant Nokia brick, with three buttons on the right side (it is appreciated that the company keeps in mind the camera button), the USB connector on the bottom of the terminal and the mini-jack earphone to the centered at the top. The right side houses two less common elements: a slot (almost comical in relation to the size of the phone) nano-SIM cards and a microSD reader.
Officially Lumia 1520 supports cards up to 64 GB, but in practice you can use one of those new 128 GB drives without any problems. At the rear PureView highlights its 20 megapixel camera whose lens is slightly raised, but without reaching the ends of the Lumia 1020 .
Fortunately, the Lumia 1520 has a nice IPS LCD panel to rise to the occasion, with a good light and for the first time in the platform-resolution Full HD. The truth is that these 1080 x 1920 pixels ceased to be an absolute novelty for some time, but here amply fulfill their function.
Unlike what happens with something smaller screens, the size of Lumia 1520 makes the pixels are somewhat obvious if the image is inspected very short distance, but you need to go in their quest (the pixel hunter starts be a specialization of the profession) and design of the interface of Windows Phone itself minimizes its relevance to make them invisible in most situations.
Like any good Lumia, the 1520 is equipped with ClearBlack technology for improved readability of texts in outdoor light conditions (a feature that can really make distances to other phones), has a layer of Gorilla Glass 2 and can be operated with gloves. Features that make this an ideal place to read in the bus telephone.
Nokia has not used an OLED panel in this new model, probably for reasons of cost. The IPS LCD screen used on the Lumia 1520 does not diminish, especially if what you want is to browse the Internet or crush pigs in “Angry Birds”, with good viewing angles and a nice colorization, but loyalty is a bit green debatable, showing slightly duller than it should.
The Lumia 1520 has the honor of being the first phone based on Windows Phone Snapdragon CPU 800 to 2.26 GHz, quad-core SoC that is accompanied by 2GB of RAM, double the previous terminals.
The browser has been another improved with the introduction of Windows Phone 8.1 aspects. Internet Explorer is not only faster, but also has an integrated download manager which syncs the navigation tabs with other Windows-based devices, so that you can recover our Surface Navigation on the phone in case we we have left the tablet in another room.
The playful panorama in Windows Phone remains a certain unease. Nokia and Microsoft promoting the Lumia 1520 as a machine to devour videos wherever we are thanks to its LTE connection and applications on-demand content such as Netflix and Hulu.
But in countries where service does not operate the multimedia possibilities of which is the largest and most powerful Lumia to date are somewhat limited in this regard. At least the music department is well covered by applications Microsoft, Nokia and Spotify.
If we talk about entertainment, games are by far the weak point of the Lumia 1520, which is especially painful considering the huge heave received graphic level graphics processing with its Adreno 330 GPU.
Nokia finally has a phone capable of swallowing everything you throw, but that so great and pleasing display is somewhat wasted no large-caliber titles like “Sonic Dash”, “Call of Duty” or “Dead Trigger 2 “.
The battery life is adequate Lumia 1520. Despite its large size, the phone can hold more than one day quietly with a very active browser usage and taking pictures on a regular basis. It is not a revelation, but neither will anyone shot.
On the plus side, Nokia has included Qi wireless charging standard, so that accessories like the base without DT-910 cables work without any housing (and thanks to its large screen make the Lumia 1520 than an alarm clock more versatile).
By now it should not surprise anyone that the Lumia 1520 integrates a camera of a certain quality. In fact, the real news that Nokia would have missed the opportunity to show off PureView-tech version with small sensor, yes, in its largest and most powerful phone.
Equipped with a 20 megapixel sensor, a brightness of f2.4 and dual LED flash, the Lumia 1520 aspires to become the photographic reference catalog of Nokia. Its role is rather champion the other chamber technology high-end phones like the new Lumia 930 , which has the same sensor but sports a more conventional dimensions. In the present case, the optical integrated into the phone, leaving a small hump in the rear of the housing.
As with the Lumia 1020, and despite what it says on the technical data, the new Lumia 1520 does not capture 20 megapixel photographs per se. What actually does the phone hold two images simultaneously: a 5 megapixel, ideal for sharing in social networks or mail without causing undue impact on the data rate, and the other 16 or 19 megapixels, depending whether capture in 16:9 format (5376 x 3024) or 4:3 (4992 x 3744).
Also notable are the improvements made ​​by Nokia in the image processing itself. And the classic compression to dots exhibiting chambers of the firm is now somewhat less visible with increasing photographs, contributing to a better quality shots with zoom.
Interestingly Nokia has not been infected by the fever left 4K. Although technically his 800 Snapdragon processor by Qualcomm has been designed to capture video at 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution, the camera software only allows recording at 720p and 1080p.
The Lumia 1520 saved but three aces up its sleeve: an effective optical stabilization, the ability to work in RAW format and use of high quality microphones, making it particularly suitable phone to record concerts or any activity where an excess noise could result in unpleasant distortion.
Although preferred orient Nokia Lumia 1520 users who need power and screen, those looking for a smartphone with a camera in the upper find an interesting option in this terminal segment.


With a more limited multimedia offering in other markets without flaunt an especially attractive for the business market orientation (Windows Phone does not support stylus and offers multi-window support, so that juicy segment remain firmly in the hands of Samsung and its Galaxy Note ), the Lumia 1520 is primarily a device that makes Internet surfing, photography and the best use of available applications and their best assets. In this sense, we have a bright terminal.
Customers who are satisfied with Windows Phone and simultaneously feel somewhat disappointed by the absence of larger, more usable phone, the Lumia discover 1520-whose price stands at just over 550 euros at the time of publication of this article- is an excellent choice, not only because its only potential rival is the much more modest Lumia 1320.
As proposed general may not be as seductive, but the improvements with the latest revision of the operating system make it worth a second chance.

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