Bombshell: NASA postpones test flying saucer parachute

flying saucer


Tremendous: Current weather conditions recently forced to cancel the scheduled launch as Wednesday. It has now set a new tentative date June 14. Recall, The Organization’s new NASA postponed its plan to send a consolidated “flying saucer” to terretre atmosphere.

The goal was simply to nsayar technology that could be used on Mars, on Wednesday the organization reported.

In addition, the spokesman of the institution said Shannon Ridinger weather conditions forced to cancel the launch.

So now June 14, ie this Saturday, has dijado the new date to orbit the object.

Recall at this point that for decades, NASA uses the same design parachute to slow the spacecraft.

This operation is performed when you enter the Martian atmosphere, as we have seen repeatedly.

However, at this point, a larger and stronger for heavier objects amartizar and astronauts parachute if need be.

Ahoa same we learned that engineers analyze the data to determine if the test was successful when it occurs.

Note that the new vehicle, balloon launched from Hawaii, will start its rocket engine to climb 55 kilometers.

Just then, will slow and deploy a parachute in order to make the splashdown in the ocean. Will have to see how it comes close to NASA.

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