Cell lines in 2015 will exceed the global population

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According to the latest report “Mobility Report” Ericsson multinational, for whose networks currently circulating more than 40 percent of mobile traffic in the world, the number of mobile lines overtake the world population in 2015. Likewise is expected to end 2019 will be 7.600 million broadband subscriptions and an explosion of data traffic especially due to consumption of video and television from phones and tablets.publication, with data from all regions of the world, was presented Wednesday at wheel Press in Madrid. 

According to it, only in the first quarter of this year there have been 120 million new mobile subscriptions; plus 65 percent of all phones sold in the three months were “smartphones.” Thus, in 2016, these latest phones will overtake basic mobile phones, so it is expected that by 2019, the number of subscriptions “smart” phones to be 5,600 million; only in Europe the figure will be around 765 million.

The report also reveals that mobile lines increasing at a rate of 7 percent each year, and mobile broadband subscriptions account for over 80% of the total worldwide. Likewise The study indicates that LTE/4G coverage in Europe will be around 80 percent and the number of subscriptions that technology is 30 percent, versus 85 percent in the U.S., and mobile traffic in Europe in 2019 will exceed about . than eight times that of 2013The increasing use of mobile data consumption should be especially video on devices like smartphones and tablets, both from home and on the move, which will represent 50 percent of the total; machine-to-machine connections are multiplied by 4 in 2019.

The report notes that Europe is the region with the highest level of mobile penetration in the world, in fact most countries of the old continent reached that milestone two or three years ago. For example 62 percent of Germans use electronic tablet, laptop or smartphone to watch TV or video. Others examples are Sweden and France, where one of four respondents see home video on a smartphone more than three hours per week. In Italy and Spain, consumers make smartphone video with more than four hours per week.

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