Why WiFi calls are the best feature in iOS 8?

Probably of all the new developments that have come up with iOS in August , everyone has their favorites. In fact, in our news blog iPhone we’ve made ​​some summaries on the new OS  and have gone over the days following the WWDC Unraveling all that is said and what remains unsaid. But of all these changes, beginning with the opening of 8 to iOS third, especially with all the revolution brought about by the arrival of other options in home automation or new programming language, today we want to highlight what has been a of the most striking features for users of iOS and Mac OS X; the calls over WiFi.


Moreover, we start from a very particular position and that of course will generate discussion about what each of us as a user of iOS, Mac OS X, and any Apple device considered more or less important. In this case the title of today is used to present a theory which certainly hope not pass unnoticed among you and I hope expreséis your opinions in the comments;  Why calls with WiFi are the best feature in iOS 8 ?

Starting with the fact that the function quite caught us all off guard, and amid the WWDC presentation and the ability to make and receive calls on your Mac to connect the iPhone to the same WiFi network was heard more than one exclamation already denoted the positive surprise of the attendees, the truth is that WiFi calls are much more than that.Supposed to have them not only offer a feature that was available in the case of Android and Windows, but surprising to those who are users of both devices, desktop and mobile; and also draw attention to who they are not to become. It is a kind of loyalty between both platforms. If you have an iPhone, well. If you have a Mac, either. But if you have both, it’s another world.

Improved call quality

But not only an improvement in the face of the brand itself is supposed Apple and how consumers consider. It is also interesting when we do not have sufficient network coverage for mobile phones in certain areas of the house option.Thus, answering landline from computer turns out to be the most convenient. Not to mention the money issue. Using option calls through WiFi we can save a lot of cost data connections that help us the bills at the end of the month are much more bearable. Not to mention the costs of roaming, which could thus avoid, at least in part.

Telephone operators

Of course, if the calls with WiFi are one of the best features of iOS 8 have to ask the operators are saying all this. As usual, the American market is the one that serves as an example. In fact, it is already the whole future seems to have positioned the new iOS functionality 8.  For now, the only operator that is enabled for support calls over WiFi is T-Mobile. The rest assure that you will support, but AT & T, Verizon, and Sprint have yet to work on it. For now, at least in the U.S., clearly has the advantage.

And what about this option in the case of Spain ? Well for now, as iOS 8 is still in beta, and iPhone 6 is not a reality, will have to wait to speak out. Hopefully for good without restrictions.

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