A computer that looks like a teenager than the Turing test

Alan-Turingsupercomputer has overcome for the first time in history the Turing test , which seeks to determine if a machine is able to have own thinking, reports The Guardian .

Eugene Goostman , a program designed to respond like a 13 year old, he underwent Sunday a series of impromptu questions at the Royal Society of London. The questions and answers were exchanged for written messages and one third of the interrogators found that, in fact, were talking to a machine.

This milestone in the advancement of artificial intelligence has taken place on the 60th anniversary of the death of Alan Turing , the mathematician who laid the foundations of modern computing.

In his famous test, Turing stated that if a machine could fool a third of their partners into believing that it was actually a human, then the machine was actually “thinking” on their own.

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