Apple has set the standard of quality Touch ID on iPhone 5s

It is not the only manufacturer to incorporate a biometric fingerprint sensor and user authentication method for unlocking your reference terminal. Now also with the HTC MAX HTC One Samsung with the Samsung Galaxy S5 have “matched” to bite the apple. However, it is necessary to quote, because no one has matched the quality and effectiveness of Apple in this regard.

First, we note that Samsung would be ready to solve the problems that we detail below with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 your reference tabletófono becoming generational change as the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. With this model, it is said the South Korean leader in consumer technology to be adopted similar to Apple with the iPhone 5s technology. But what do we mean by “match” the quality of iPhone 5s with his biometric sensor Touch ID?


Unlike the technology that Apple has used the iPhone 5s with its Touch ID biometric sensor, the Samsung Galaxy S5 we can not put our finger print from any orientation. That is, if we take fingertip reference, the Samsung Galaxy S5 has to be necessarily pointing to the top, to the Samsung logo on the screen. In the case of Apple iPhone 5s, however, the finger can be placed in any orientation, which allows to perform terminal unlocking using one hand.

Although the Samsung Galaxy S5 incorporates a screen with a diagonal of 1.1 inches, and it shows, it is possible to use the computer with one hand if, in this sense, we have a good size. However, this type of technology applied to biometric security prevents, at least unlock the terminal holding we do with one hand. Not to say that is not possible, because it is, but a process that is not only uncomfortable, but also creates risks exposing the device to a fall, because we can not hold as firmly becomes.

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