Android now updated to Android 4.4.3

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Android gets new update although not referring to the version 5.0 , but the version 4.4.3 that had been rumored in recent weeks that come to correct errors in the version 4.4.2 . No big announcements were made by Google regarding ​​official upgrade to Android 4.4.3 on your page for developers, currently only available for Nexus devices , specifically the five Nexus , Nexus July 2012 , Nexus July 2013, Nexus 4 and 10 . This update corrects errors such as excessive consumption of battery on some Nexus, and improves the sound quality of video recording on some computers.
Apart from these changes, we can also find a new dial screen , improved camera focus and MMS, among other minor issues that are delimited by the small increase in version number, but at the end of the day are improvements.
The most important fact is that Google has released the Android version in the repositories AOSP ( Anroid Open Source Project ), which means that developers will soon be able to start cooking ROMs changed with this version of the mobile OS of Google to implement as Based on different gadgets.

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