Artificial intelligence against climate change

This Tuesday, from 18:00 , talk to the father of artificial intelligence Marvin Minsky , and the man who put the focus on ecosystem management as a tool against climate change Christopher Field .

Our quantum Traveller , Javier Gregori, travels to the BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Awards , delivered today and that since 2008 seek to recognize and encourage research and artistic creation internationally ranging from the Basic Sciences, Biomedicine, Technologies Information and Communication, Contemporary Music, Climate Change and Development Cooperation, among other categories.

We’ll talk with two of the winners, Christopher FieldAward in the category of Climate Change , one of the most problematic scope of the XXI century; andMarvin Minsky Award in the category of Information Technology and Communication, considered father of Artificial Intelligence area also delve into this field, the director of the EVA film , Kike Maíllo , telling the coexistence between humans and mechanical creatures.

This Tuesday, from 18:00 , we went with Javier Gregori in frontier with the BBVA Foundation Awards.

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