A new Voice app for ipad: Adobe Voice

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Adobe Voice is a free app for iPad that produces short videos from voice recordings, motion graphics and images. It is based on the idea that the voice is key to the story or send a message.

Voice is designed to be a vehicle of social media that can be used by anyone, from students to businessmen. Sold as an easier tool to record and edit video, and has more impact than a slideshow.

Aimed at mobile users, the app animated videos can be viewed on any mobile device.

The human voice is key to the story because of its ability to bring emotion, according to the philosophy of application design. Users are encouraged to tell a story to the record line by line.

That means pressing a virtual button on the iPad, say a prayer, choose an image or icon to that sentence and then repeat the process.

Users have a “wheel” of ideas on how to structure a narrative. You also get a selection of music and more than 25,000 images, and the ability to use images from the web or personal photos.

The graphics effects include chalk, real-time motion blur, and 3D shadows.

When all is one, the result is a video of 60-90 seconds it takes few minutes to occur due to the characteristics of the application.

“The presentations can be effective, if they are all in the same room. But it’s really your voice that tells the story, “said product manager, Tom Nguyen in an interview on Twitter.

“That makes a personal connection. So a slide deck can not help tell your story to thousands or millions of people online. ”

While the company charges 29.99 USD per month for access to Creative Cloud, Voice is free to use from the Apple App Store.

The app works on iPad 2 or later and iOS 7.

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