Facebook and Apple paid to their employees egg freezing

Technology companies want to attract more women into the technology sector

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Although it seems movie , it’s true. Two great technology, Facebook and Apple , they will start paying processes egg freezing to their employees. As reported by NBC News , Facebook began this year with that program and will join Apple in 2015.

The intention is basic. Paying female employees freezing to invest more of their childbearing years at work but without sacrificing their desire to become mothers . Though it sounds twisted , it’s actually what they claim these two technology giants to attract more talented women the sector and eliminate the gender gap .

According to a source quoted by NBC News Facebook, the social network has begun to incorporate the vitrification of oocytes in their insurance coverage. Such treatment would be under the medical coverage paid by the employer in the United States . Apple, in theory, will start implementing this coverage in 2015.

The price of such treatment amounts to $ 20,000 in the United States. Be treated in the first major companies to provide their employees these possibilities.

This technique, according to the Mayo Clinic, is designed for women to have children after their most fertile years (20-35). According to AFP, citing Eggsurance, egg freezing offers women the opportunity to”not choose between career and children. “

While some foundations like Eggsurance Facebook applaud this decision, other associations suggest that such action only asserts that career and motherhood are incompatible. So far, neither company has confirmed the information.

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