5 Social Media Mistakes That Have Probably Already Destroyed Your Reputation

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Social media can be a great way to promote your business if you avoid simple mistakes that can damage your reputation. How you are viewed by your peers and potential clients is of the utmost importance. Here are some common mistakes you need to avoid when using social media as a viable form of promotion for yourself and your business.

Arguing With Others Online


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If you’ve used the Internet for any considerable amount of time, chances are you have met someone who has made life difficult. Even if you were right to begin with (and I’m sure you were!), just move on and let it go.

The last thing you want your peers or potential clients to see on your Twitter account is an argument between you and a 14-year-old about a hot topic. It may have been a topic that you feel strongly about, but do yourself and your business a favor and keep it off the Internet. Think of fighting online like fighting in real life — it doesn’t exactly make you look good to anyone watching.

Being Too Promotional

Use your social media networks to promote your business, but not only to promote your business. Don’t make it seem that your business is the only thing about you that others need to know.

Also, it is better to have a small audience of followers or friends who are somewhat engaged, and not thousands of followers who really don’t know what you are promoting. A lot of followers may not necessarily translate to more clients or consumers.

Only Sharing Your Own Content

Let’s face it, your business is not the only one of its kind out there. There are many other sites and business that may give useful information that others can find helpful.

Don’t be afraid to share links to other blogs and sites that may help you seem more rounded. Showing that you are not completely self-absorbed is a good thing. Give your audience valuable information that will make them keep coming back to your social media profiles. Plus, you can potentially build relationships with other companies when you share their content.

Spending Too Much Time on One Platform

You may think that Twitter is your best chance to reach people, gain followers, and promote your business. While that may be true, spending a majority of your time only using one platform can actually hurt you in the long run.

It’s difficult enough to keep up with multiple accounts daily, but focusing on one more than another can not only be very time-consuming, but can hurt your ability to expand your network. Spend some time on several different social networks to ensure you are reaching as many potential customers as possible.

Not Combatting Negatives with Positives

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is key when trying to promote a website or page. It is also extremely important in protecting your business’ reputation. Is the first thing that comes up when someone searches for your business a negative review on Yelp?

Take control of what people see in the search results for you or your business by addressing negative reviews, optimizing your on-site SEO, and cranking out lots of great social media and blog content. You can also use an online reputation management company to help get positives back up to the top of the search results. After all, Google knows more than you think; looking through presentations by someone like Michael Fertik on Slideshare can show you just how much negative search results affect the reputation of you and your business.

Keeping many of these simple, yet often overlooked mistakes that are commonly made in mind while using the internet can help you in so many ways. Chances are, you’ve already fallen prey to some of these mistakes. It is never too late to reinvent your reputation.

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