Computers with operating system Windows XP & Office 2003 have no longer support

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Microsoft warned of completion of care since 2007 and deepened its information campaign and training since 2011. The day arrived and, according to figures from resources , 30% of all the world’s computers still work with this system that dates back to 2011.

The decision to remove support is not a whim of the company,in fact, had given much life to Windows XP. “Windows XP was a great operating system for its time, but today is obsolete. was great 13 years ago, where there was much online activity. You will now ask other features to an operating system , “explains Fernando Calvo , director of Windows and Microsoft Surface for Iberian.

“At Microsoft we usually give 10 years of support, much more than they give other companies that may not happen for four or five years. Since 2007 we have been active in warning about the end of support. Nor sense to continue investing in an obsolete system resourceswhen we could be allocated to technological innovation in other sectors’, summarizes.

“When a team is not supported is more vulnerable to attack. When more connected, more vulnerable it is. And when I connected internet not only speak, but when interacting with other devices, eg connect a USB flash drive , “says Calvo.

Resources  said that any corporate network computers with a single PC with XP is already at risk.  Corporate systems are vulnerable and may expose an agency to threats to information security, “pointing from the CNI.

ENISA warns not only about the risk of using XP from now on without the support of Microsoft, but it is likely that manufacturers stop antimalware software to market their products giving more opportunities to team damage.

Microsoft points out that only in Spain there are about 4,000,000 of equipment that still work with this operating system. Of that amount, about 3,000,000 correspond to personal computers , which are at home and are for own use. The rest belongs to companies. Ie computers 1,000,000 would risk. Most of these are small and medium enterprises that do not have a department of information technology in the making.

In any case, manufacturers, security companies, agencies agree that the best option is to migrate and in any case, buy a new computer.

Although it has been warned for the last year, there are now many companies and families who do not have the money to upgrade the system. Buy new parts to a computer so that it can be compatible with the newest operating system buy the installation kit, or acquire a new computer can be an expense that many can take.

To Calvo people can keep using their PC but the risk is there.  A computer with XP will start and run properly, but will have more vulnerability to viruses and attacks . Yes, one solution is to install antivirus. is helpful but not definitive. The antivirus are reactive, ie reacts once detected attack. I mean, the team remains exposed, “he says.

Calvo notes that buying a new computer may seem like a big expense but the cost of repairing an old computer (which tend to fail over the years) may exceed the value of a new PC.  For 300 euros you can get a computer with good features and updated. When we launched XP maybe if it was more expensive to acquire a new computer, which is getting more than 800 euros, but it is now cheaper. “

For the director of Windows in the area of Iberia “doing nothing is more expensive” . The executive notes that a device with unsupported operating system is more susceptible to attacks and failures, so that sensitive information we store on our computers could be lost. « What is the cost of losing all the photos or emails that we keep ? High.Or worse, what is the cost for a company to lose valuable information, or the cost of legal suffered a computer attack that cybercriminal

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