Robotic Printer- A portable printer that moves on paper

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The traditional view of print on paper, Zuta Labs printer which is in the prototype stage, seeking funding  with the particularity that is the device that moves on the surface to be printed.

The idea from the beginning is to create a portable device that can take you anywhere, and print it.Under the name of Zuta Robotic Mini Mobile Printer , find a printer that can move in two directions, with their senses, thanks to the engine and wheels incorporating.

The size is small – 10 × 11 cm –  while not reaching a quarter of a sheetBuilt in the middle of printing unit contraption is traditional, and is capable of printing a few thousand pages before running out of ink.

The speed you can get is 1.2 pages per minute at a resolution of 96 × 112 dpi, but that promise is something improved in the final version. The total weight of the printer is 300 grams only.

As you can interpret, you need a battery to operate the invention, and which can be implemented one hour of continuous operation. It is loaded through a USB port .

Turning to the connectivity, they relate to possible sources of print like Bluetooth connectivity, and is compatible with almost all operating systems such as Windows, OS X or Linux. Also in mobile devices, Android, iOS or Windows Phone .

Zuta Robotic Mini Mobile Printer will retail for $ 180 for those who support the initiative. The first version will work in grayscale, but if it works already thinking about playing with color in upcoming models. For those who are curious about its outer casing is made ​​from polycarbonate, available in two colors: Mars Black and Titanium White.

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