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Only 10 percent of respondents plan to buy the iPhone 7

The next iPhone may not make blow sales records, according to a new survey by online magazine Quartz. Only 10 percent of iPhone users in the US He said it would be likely or very likely to update their device this year if not Apple redesigns its flagship product, according to the survey conducted among...


Why You Should Own a Smartphone

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Since cell phones first came into existence, there have been thousands of them on the market. Flip phones, bar phones, smart phones and more. The options have left people confused...


Rise of the Robots

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We are still years away from creating self-aware, walking and talking robots, capable of taking over the world and destroying the human race. Until then, we are ready to make...

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Microsoft biggest ever, will pay 217 billion for LinkedIn

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Microsoft wants to use LinkedIn together with Office 365, above all, to create a unified environment for linking businesses. For customers who are very Microsoft-centric, it has the potential to...


Analysis: Moto G4 Plus

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Motorola, one of the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturers is bought by Chinese Lenovo which phased out the name Motorola but the brand is still surviving with the product series...