10 Ways the iPhone X Beats the iPhone 7

Many people are thinking about getting the highly talked about iPhone X, which was unveiled at the time Apple was celebrating the 10th anniversary since the first iPhone was unveiled. There are many features that have been added along with massive improvements that have helped boost the performance and feel of the phone, making it better than previous versions. Here are some of the ways it beats the iPhone 7.

1. Wireless charging
You will love the new charging system that is here to free you from the yoke of having to carry charging cables every time. The iPhone X uses the Qi coil, which allows the user to charge on many types of wireless charging pads. This is a feature that did not exist in iPhone 7.

2. Longer battery life
The battery of the iPhone X lasts longer by additional 2 hours when you compare it with that of iPhone 7. This is coupled with the fact that it takes less time to charge the iPhone X since it also includes fast charging mechanism, which was not present in the iPhone 7.

3. Bluetooth 5.0
Also with the iPhone X, you enjoy faster Bluetooth sharing than on iPhone 7. It includes Bluetooth 5.0, which is designed to offer as much as 8 times the broadcast messages, four times the range, and twice the speed achieved by Bluetooth 4.2 available on iPhone 7.

4. All-screen
The iPhone X does not come with a home button, and that means there is sufficient space for the all-screen design adopted. The phone has been de-cluttered to make it futuristic and different from previous versions including the iPhone 7.

5. OLED display
Another way the iPhone X stands out is with the consideration of the fact that it utilizes an OLED display, which offers improved contrast ratio, better color accuracy, and true blacks.

6. Face ID
Face ID is a new security mechanism that utilizes a face recognition algorithm to help unlock your phone. Apple got rid of the finger print scanning mechanism to introduce this feature as a way to make the iPhone more secure. It is coming for the first time, meaning iPhone 7 does not have the feature.

7. Animoji
Your chats and online interactions have never been this interesting as the animoji feature comes in to make messaging more fun. With your facial expression, the phone can scan your face then translate the expression into an animated emoji.

8. Side button
With the elimination of the home button came other ways to open your favorite apps like Siri. The Lock button was renamed to Side button and elongated. Holding it will open Siri while double clicking will open Apple Pay.

9. Portrait lighting
Also new in the iPhone X is Portrait Lighting, which relies on an algorithm to scan your face and calculate how it interacts with light. The algorithm then helps to come up with lighting effects like Natural Light and Stage Light. This is not available on iPhone 7.

10. Galileo
For the first time, iPhone will support Galileo, a European Global Satellite Navigation System, which works as an alternative to GPS, owned by the government of the U.S.

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