Lenovo announces first ThinkPad Notebooks with AMD processor

Lenovo has shortly announced its first notebooks ThinkPad with AMD processors. These products aimed at the corporate and government market have always come with Intel chips, but the two beginners A275 and A475 will be the first to break the tradition.

Both will be equipped with AMD Pro A12 07th generation processors, and upcoming models will hit the market with the famous Ryzen. For now, however, these two only have a chip-class option. Anyway, they will still have Radeon R7 integrated GPUs and support for dedicated video cards, but we are not sure if it will be possible to buy some model with specific graphics chips at launch.

It is interesting to note that the A275 can count on up to 16 GB of DDR4 RAM, and the A475 with up to 32 GB. Both can be configured with SSD options up to 512 GB or up to 1TB of HDD. The consumer can still count on digital reader and 4G LTE connectivity. Touch screen is optional. The two models will still be equipped with various physical connections, including several USB-A and one USB-C.

The A47, with 14 “screen, reaches the international market on 15th of September for $ 849 and the A275 in October for $ 869.

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