The technology works with Kind Financial in developing software for local governments in the United States supervise companies selling this product.
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SAN FRANCISCO (CNNMoney) -The marijuana business has evolved greatly since the time of the bags for sale in suspicious trucks.

As is increasingly the states of the American Union to legalize marijuana for medical and recreational purposes, the industry is legitimizing. That means that state and local governments are regulating and supervising.

Microsoft is one of the leading technology companies that have been involved with the industry cannabis , which has given credibility to what will surely be a thriving business in the years to come.

The company collaborates with Financial Kind in the development of software for governments to oversee the business of legal marijuana and ensure that everyone complies with the regulations.

“Microsoft is helping us to support governments with the expansion of the law on cannabis , ” said David Dinenberg, executive director of Kind. “They have experience providing platforms for government regulations. This is something that Microsoft every day with other businesses of other categories”.

will use Azure for this service, government platform Microsoft in the cloud itself that was designed to meet the standards of the Act Portability and Accountability Insurance (HIPAA, for its acronym in English) as required by government agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration US (FDA, for its acronym in English).

Microsoft’s participation is strictly limited to the part of governance and compliance, but participation goes beyond Kind.

They need to develop software integrated to monitor from cultivation and harvesting marijuana plants until its sale in stores. There are tools to manage recipes for cookies and other edible marijuana, and their nutritional value. They created a store where customers can choose their products and pay (usually cash).

One of the great opportunities for legal marijuana business is in regulation.

Although now there are 25 states in which some kind of legal sale allowed cannabis , only nine have been implemented monitoring and tracking systems. Many want to partner with companies to find solutions to manage this controlled substance. The right system could help them know how much is sold and to whom, the amount of taxes collected and if all growers and sellers are complying with the law.

“Nobody can predict the future regarding the legalization of marijuana. The only thing that bothers me say is that as you go accepting more, is going to become a highly regulated industry. Moreover, the highly regulated backbone of any industry is compliance “Dinenberg said.

Companies like Kind and its competitors, Metric and NJ Freeway, looking for potentially lucrative contracts. Popular alliances with companies like Microsoft can help in the long run.

“We support customers and partners in the government and help to fulfill their mission. Kind Financial creates cloud solutions our government to help these agencies to regulate and monitor substances and controlled items and to manage compliance jurisdictional laws and regulations, “Microsoft said in a statement.

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