Unlock Your Android Device using the Smart Lock Function


To prevent others from seeing what you have on the device, it is important to program a password, lock pattern or PIN. It’s not just a security measure , but also to reduce the chances of criminals trying to break into the device in case of theft.

However, newer versions of Android have deployed features to unlock your smartphone without the need for passwords, blocking patterns, or the use of the fingerprint reader. This is done through the “Smart Lock” option, which identifies when you are in possession of the device and releases access on time.

Here we share some of these ways to unlock your phone faster:

If you are worried to the extreme with security and privacy, the solution is to maintain the conventional screen lock. It is recommended that you choose only one type of Smart Lock configuration, because enabling them all at once can make you less secure and more susceptible to intrusion. Analyze and test all functions, and then decide which one best meets your expectations as a user.

Unlock by Pocket Detection:

Most of the times, after opening your smartphone to check something, you put it suddenly inside your pants pocket or in a purse or backpack, and a few seconds later you remember to check something else on the device. Only then you need to unlock it again, having to enter your password or select the correct sequence of a pattern.
To avoid this, you can schedule Android to leave the device unlocked whenever it’s around you. The system itself, through its motion sensors, can recognize that the device is in your pocket, inside the bag or in another position in your possession.
This option is activated under “Settings”> “Security”> “Smart Lock”, then confirm your lock type (password, default etc) and click “Pocket detection” to enable the function.

Unlock at specific places:

When you are in public places, it is natural you want the cell to be unlocked all the time while it is not being used. But in familiar environments like your home or work, you have to admit that there is no reason to enter a password or pattern every time you want to use your device. It has been thinking that Smart Lock has an option to set up places you trust – only locations within a radius of up to 80 meters from where you are can be registered. Go to Settings> Security> Smart Lock> Trusted Places. Then add a location, such as your home or workplace, give it a name, and complete the task. Whenever Android detects that it is within that particular radius, the system will keep the device unlocked.

Use a selfie to unlock the device:

Having many options but the safest one is to unlock your smartphone by yourself. But the following two topics have a mechanism that, in effect, attempts to recognize that you are accessing the device.
The first of these is facial recognition through the front camera of the phone.
Open “Settings”> “Security”> “Smart Lock”> “Trust Face” and click “Configure”. It is a good idea for you to do this in an enclosed location that is not too bright or too dark and holds the phone at eye level. In the next window, the system will scan your face to complete the procedure. If you want to leave the software more accurate, scan your face with a certain frequency and with some additional elements, such as a light level different from the previous photo, a cap or wearing glasses. This helps the ability to know that you are the same person even under different conditions.

Unlock the phone using your voice:

Your voice may be the security mechanism to unlock your device.
Go to Settings> Security> Smart Lock> Trusted Voice and check the first two options – “From the Google app” and “From any screen” – to unlock a third “Trusted Voice” . Here, the cell phone will ask you to say “Ok Google” three times to record the tone of your voice. Once you’ve unlocked the device, a “Listening …” window will appear on your home screen to recognize your voice.

Unlock your smartphone using other devices:

If the surroundings of your home or work represent a very large area to keep your smartphone unlocked, the tip is to reduce that distance by a few centimeters when registering a trusted device with Bluetooth technology. It can be from a headset, smartwatch, stereo of your car or any other gadget that has a range of up to 100 meters of coverage. If you do not want to use Bluetooth, you still have the option of NFC, which further limits the recognition area, up to 20 centimeters. It is enough that the device has an NFC adhesive.
To register a trusted device, go to “Settings”> “Security”> “Smart Lock”> “Trusted Devices”, and follow the instructions on the next screen.

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