IPhone 8: The 3D Touch module would cost more than the earlier iphones


Once again the technology giant, Apple s iPhone is the hot topic for its updates and additional features.

As per the resources, the supplier charges between $7 and $9 per module for the iPhone 7. This price is expected to rise between $18 and $22 per module for the iPhone 8, a 150% hike ! This change from one year to the next is because Apple will use an OLED screen for the first time instead of LCD screen. The technology requires TPK to modify the operation of its 3D Touch module, since it must have additional protections, both at the front and at the back of the screen. And all this has a cost.

By itself, the true cost of the new module would be up 50%, but TPK would have asked Apple a 150% increase and the iPhone maker would have agreed. TPK expects to earn significant revenues from the share through sales of the iPhone 8.

The rumors suggest that the price of the iPhone 8 is going to be around $ 1,000 , a tariff that has never been reached. The iPhone 7 Plus 256 GB, the most expensive model to date, costs $ 969.

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