iPhone 8 or iPhone X: question of the next Apple mobile

Covered by its usual secrecy, the American firm will finally unveil next Tuesday the official nomenclature to which the device of the tenth anniversary of the product will refer, although new leaks point to iPhone 8.
The secrecy is such, and concerns about possible leakage of information have been so strong that Apple has invested a lot of money to close its box of secrets with four keys. But details have been filtered, more or less truthful, that have allowed outlining the final design and features of your next iPhone model. It will finally arrive next Tuesday, but there are still many doubts, also in the name, according to various analysts, may be between iPhone 8 or iPhone X Edition, referring to the tenth anniversary of the arrival of the original model.

That the technology giant never gives stitches without thread is obvious. His hard-nosed followers usually interpret his usual invitation card to Sarao from the printed colors, the fonts used in the text or the design . What does it mean? What is the secret? Apple is a brand that generates so much expectation that there is a single letter, the S, can give rise to debate. Since the brand has never confirmed it, it is believed in the leader of the sector that the S is due to what has been then when there has been a different novelty. A theory that by power can make sense.

Since the arrival of the iPhone 4, the American firm has continued with a traditional correlation in the following editions. The iPhone 3GS model, the third generation of the smart mobile phone, was interpreted as Speed, offering more power than its predecessor. But sources unofficially led to interpret that S as Siri, given that it was in the iPhone 4S the year the voice assistant debuted. In the case of the iPhone 5S, the thing changed, and it was suggested that it was baptised this way because that was when the fingerprint scanner or Touch ID was introduced. Something similar happened to the iPhone 6S, which installed a new system “sensitive” to pressure or 3D Touch.

Observing its trajectory, the arrival of each model accompanied by the S has coincided with an odd number of the year. As we are in 2017 plays, a priori, an iPhone 7S. However, it is a special year. It coincides with the tenth anniversary of the arrival of the first moment. An ideal occasion to touch the gong of surprise and show something revolutionary or revulsive.

In addition to the obvious change that has been speculated ( larger, without frames, “infinite” screen ), his name will be looked at with a magnifying glass. The influential consumer technology filtered Evan Blass has ensured that, in addition to the “normal” models, there will be a more shocking model to be called (oh, surprise) iPhone 8 . And there will be an iPhone X Edition, which will cost the most money. It will have to be seen.

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