50 dead, Mass Shooting At Orlando Gay Nightclub

The massacre at a gay club in Orlando (Florida) in which at least 50 people died is the worst in US history caused by mass shootings of which 132 were recorded this year, according to the Shootingtracker.com website.

This site collects all firearms incidents occurred in the country in which there were at least four victims (either killed or injured) and have left 156 dead in 2016. The most serious incident so far this year occurred on April 22 in Pike County in the state of Ohio, where eight members of the same family, including a 16-years, were shot dead in what could be an execution for unknown reasons.

Six people, including an eight-year-old died in the city of Kalamazoo (Michigan) on February 20, the same number of deaths on 27 January in Chesapeake (Virginia). According to data Shootings Tracker.com, during 2015 there were 372 dead and 367 mass shootings, about one a day. The most serious were the starring on December 2 by a marriage that killed fourteen people in a support center for disabled in San Bernardino (California).

That incident could be described as terrorism after the FBI revealed that the couple had radicalized and might have been inspired by jihadi groups like the Islamic State. The main indiscriminate killings in US history are as follows:

– August 1, 1966.- Charles Whitman, marksman, killing 16 people from the roof of the University of Austin (Texas). The day before had killed his wife and mother.

– July 18, 1984.- Oliver Huberty, Vietnam veteran kills 22 people dead at a restaurant in San Diego (California), before being killed by police.

– 20 August 1986.- Patrick Henry Sherrill, an American postman threatened with dismissal, shot and killed 14 people in a post office in Edmond (Oklahoma).

– 29 December 1987.- Gene Simmons, a retired sergeant, maddened by their economic problems, kills 16 people (5 family members) in Russellville (Arkansas).

– October 16, 1991.- The truck driver, George Hennard, kills 22 people in a cafe in Killeen (Texas) before committing suicide.

– April 20, 1999.- Two students kill 13 people and injure 23 at Columbine School in Littleton (Colorado), before killing himself.

– April 16, 2007: Seung-Hui Cho, 23, kills 32 people and commits suicide on campus in Blacksburg, Virginia.

– November 5, 2009: The military psychiatrist Nidal Hasan shot and killed 13 people in the Processing Center Preparing Soldiers at Fort Hood, Texas.

– December 14 2012.- Adam Lamza, killing 26 people, including 20 children in a primary school in Newtown in Connecticut before committing suicide. The day before had killed his mother at home.

– September 16, 2013.- Aaron Alexis kills 13 people before ending his life in the Operations Command of the Navy in Washington DC.

– December 2, 2015.- 14 people killed in a shootout in a support center for disabled in San Bernardino (California), starring the marriage of Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik.

– February 20, 2016.- 6 people, including an eight year old boy, died in the city of Kalamazoo (Michigan) in a series of shootings starring Jason Dalton, subsequently arrested.

– 22 April 2016.- 8 members of a family, possibly executed in Pike County (Ohio).

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