New Trojan affecting Android from Tor network

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Any type of malware that affects operating system and mobile, it has its dangers for the user and the information it stores and handles. But far more dangerous this type of Trojan that also infect our devices with common purposes, completely hides the “anonymity” will be provided based on the Tor network.

To call this particular malware, Trojan subtype, is using the name ” Backdoor.AndroidOS.Torec.a “. As we no longer has the same properties as the “common malware” that affects Android, but also adds a feature that adds danger, harm possibilities and also a higher degree of difficulty and location “The  network is used by the Trojan to hide, encrypt and protect your communications with the central control server. Thus, the malware is protected with relative ease of antivirus and security systems.

Already been clarified that the malware uses Backdoor.AndroidOS.Torec.a  part of code open source tool  Orbot , a tool used in the Android mobile operating system for encrypted and secure establishment within the Tor network connections. But what it can actually do on my smart phone or Android tablet? The trojan in question along these lines is able to intercept messages, USSD launch applications, capture all kinds of information related to the phone, manage your applications and install new and is also able to send text messages to any number entirely to device user.

To avoid infecting your device with this and other malware, it is safest to always install applications from trusted sources-Google Play Store-and avail ourselves of the protection of a dedicated application security-antivirus, antispyware. But for now, can not even know what devices have been infected with this Trojan.

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