Android bug: For Jelly Bean falls from Christmas

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Users of the latest Android version 4.2 Jelly Bean found an embarrassing mistake. In the app “People”, in German “contacts”, missing an entire month, namely December. On November followed January. Birthdays of friends in December so do not be registered; Christmas and New Year fall apparently also.

The error is limited to an app. In Android, for example, the December calendar is filed correctly between November and January. Furthermore, can the date set in the system settings certainly on December.

Affected because of Android fragmentation, few users – especially those on the Google Nexus Tablet 7 or marketed using the Galaxy Nexus smartphone.The operating system was only launched last week.Most users will have to wait, however, until the manufacturer of your terminal has made the necessary adjustments.

Google had been criticism in the last week for thelaunch of the smartphone Nexus plug 4 and the Nexus Tablet 10th Only the server went to his knees , then you did not have enough equipment to supply all buyers. From three to five days delivery time for many customers have been three weeks

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