Functions of Samsung’s Smartwatch -Galaxy Gear

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Samsung bet this Christmas by giving a new twist to technology and apply almost all the smartphone features used in a wristwatch. It works Galaxy Gear, Smart Clock from the Korean company.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear connects via bluetooth to your smartphone acquiring many of the most common functions and some mobile applications. Striking is the calling function. The excuse of not being able to pick up the phone for not having heard or not find in the bag disappears completely when receiving the call directly on the wrist. Since the user can watch as much call receive calls through the two microphones and speaker who hide in your shell.

In addition, the S Voice function allows the watch directly giving voice commands for both call other users, manage the calendar or send messages, among other features. The usefulness of the Galaxy Gear goes through to receive mobile notifications on screen clock but also by the possibility to take pictures directly from the wrist device.

Watch Samsung features a 1.9 MP camera with autofocus capable of recording videos at 720p and 30 fps. Of course, if future glasses cause a stir by Google to take pictures without the objective account of the Galaxy Gear should not be far from controversy. Available in six different but with a design that we have seen more focused on men (especially for its size), the Galaxy Gear features a 800 MHz processor with 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB of internal memory colors.

For now only be used with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 S4 Galaxy, Galaxy Note 10.1 and Galaxy Mini S4. It costs 299 euros.

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