How to increase security of your WhatsApp by enabling 2-step verification

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WhatsApp’s has enhanced its security settings by adding a protection features, the two-step verification, a very interesting new feature that can be used to avoid various scams.

The feature basically creates an identity for your account, which becomes accessible only by an access code defined by you, so simple control of your telephone line will not be enough for your contacts and histories to be searched.

To activate the feature, all we need to do is set a password and save a recovery email, all in a quick and very practical process. To activate follow the points below:-

Click the WhatsApp option button(Available at the Right Top Corner).
Click Settings.
Choose the ” Account ” option.
In the options for your account, click on ” 2 step verification “.
Click ” Enable ” to start setting up the feature.
Enter a 6-digit access code. It is important to choose a combination that you do not forget. Then click ” Next .”
Confirm the access code previously entered, just type it again and then click ” Next “.
Enter an email address to retrieve your access code, should you forget it. Then click ” Next .” You can skip this step too by clicking the blue link in the description.
Confirm your e-mail address by typing it again and then click ” Save .”
Ready! Now your WhatsApp is protected and much more resistant to scammer attacks.

If you prefer, you can go back to your settings to disable the feature, change your access code, or change the recovery email address.

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