Samsung Galaxy S5, could have a screen similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

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Samsung Galaxy S5 is expected in March 2014 and subsequently hit stores during the month of April. There are also rumors that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be present at the event Mobile World Congress next year or event itself that would be held in the framework of the congress.


In terms of specifications the Samsung Galaxy S5 is expected to offer improved processor, Android 4.4 operating system KitKat, that the screen is manufactured using Sharp’s IGZO technology is provided with fingerprint sensor for access control terminal and that the resolution of the screen reaches the 4K. Unfortunately, all these features are so impressive that it runs the risk that many potential buyers of the Samsung Galaxy S5 remain disappointed as one of them meets the expectations. Resources reports that “The most important thing that may disappoint consumers is that the characteristics of the processor, that everyone expected to be 64-bit, does not become as spectacular as they say.”

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is introduced earlier this year and although it’s a bestseller, many are still disappointed with the fact that it was essentially a repeat of the Samsung Galaxy S3. The fans wanted and expected something different. Hopefully, it is expected that the technology giant South Korean radical change to the appearance and construction of the Samsung Galaxy S5 . Technology is always changing and crucial to smart phone makers be in constant innovation to stay on top.

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