The 23% of browsers are outdated

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  • Although upgrades are free, the 80.02% of users have Explorer browser version 9, but the latest is 10.
  • The outdated browser fosters virus entry.
Most cyberattacks surface taken as outdated browsers and plug-ins outdated.
Although the updates are free, 23% of users keeps an old version of your browser. The latest report from Kaspersky warns of the danger of outdated browsers , which are used as a tool for hackers to access the system.

The regular updates of the browsers listed every 5 or 6 months  approximately and include improvements to the safety and protection of the operating system. They also eliminate the faults of plug-in and reiterations that streamline the Web surfing

An example of this was the upgrade of Internet Explorer that Microsoft made last September, with a view to exploiting the vulnerabilities of Poison Ivy virus.

However, the latest report from security firm Kaspersky warns that users tend to wait a month before installing the latest version . This is an advantage for ciberdelicncuentes that within hours and have the necessary tools to access the system.

Firefox users, the most backward

The report warns of the behaviors are different, depending on the browsers. The 80.02% of users of Explorer, which for now remains the most widely used browser, but Chrome is gaining ground, you have the browser version 9, but the latest is the tenth. 16% still with version 8.

Regarding Chrome, 80% of users have the latest version , and 15, 5% use the older version. Its combination with Kaspersky Java to make it one of the safest browsers.

Visitors who use Firefox are even more backward. 69.5% of your users have the last two versions, and 7.5% used before.

Several browsers, one updated

The report also finds that many users who use multiple browsers on the same computer just updated one and forget the other is exposed to vulnerabilities.

On the other hand, companies are often cause that employees maintain a version of the software outdated and this exposes the company to suffer cyber attacks.

To conduct research, have Kaspersky experimental study in different browsers with anonymous users, through Kaspersky Security Network, in August 2012. The program real-time tracking consumer habits, ten million customers worldwide.

As stated by Director of Research and Infrastructure Whitelisting Cloud, Andrey Efremov, “this new analysis presents a startling picture . Though most users makes updating your browser within a month, there is still about a quarter of users who do not make the transition. This means that there are millions of potentially vulnerable machines, which can be attacked with new and known threats. “

The company strongly recommends upgrading browsers, as well as reducing the risk of a cyber attack, improving performance and quality of web browsing.

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