The battery of the iPhone 5, how autonomy under 24 hours?

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During the last week we had access to lots of parts and components alleged iPhone 5 . One of the most interesting leak has been showing the battery of the new iPhone and its capabilities . If confirmed the information, one of the most critical of the new Apple phone would be the autonomy .

Practically it is confirmed that the iPhone 5 will have a four-inch screen and widescreen resolution of 1136 x 640 pixels. It is also expected that the model includes, finally, LTE connectivity.However, these features are, a priori, demanding on the battery due to the increased energy expenditure compared with a 3.5 inch Retina display and HSDPA connection.

According to trusted source, the site has had access to some photos that show what would be the battery of the future new iPhone. At first glance we see that its shape varies slightly from the other versions like the iPhone 4S. Is more elongated and thin, parameters that support the elongated screen and the casing profile of only 7.6 mm. Therefore, we can summarize that the battery is designed to maximize the internal gap between the components of the iPhone.

However, the catch also let us see some of the technical characteristics of the battery. For example, it is appreciated that have a capacity of 1,440 mAh, a voltage of 3.8 volts and a power of 5.45 Wh. These data contrast with the last model presented, the iPhone 4S. Its battery has a capacity of 1,430 mAh, a voltage of 3.7 volts and a total power of 5.3 watts per hour. As can be seen, but the potential difference, the specs are virtually identical.

Although Apple has worked and fully optimized energy management of the iPhone 5, these specifications include the alleged battery that leaves us a little worried. The effect is more worrying when you consider that we are experiencing a moment that smartphone users demand more autonomy vigorously. And now when we ask ourselves: is the battery able to offer a decent range? The trickier question is whether it should be if we assess the possibility and not only that the model includes a larger screen, but that the Cupertino include, as in the new iPhone, LTE connectivity. And it is precisely screen and 4G connectivity of such features shall be, or yes, a greater energy expenditure to consumption that require the same components of the iPhone 4S. So given this situation, would fit several possibilities: Apple has a surprise for us, the photo and information about the battery is not true or the U.S. firm commits an egregious error, the latter option less likely, but we should not dismiss.

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