Skype uses less battery on android

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Skype is a very useful but also very resource-intensive application on Android. It thus tends to strongly impact the battery life, a point raised by many users.

Microsoft has heard the criticism and announces the line of a new version (4.7) dedicated to the green robot. The publisher promises that the app is now sober when running in the background.

“Our teams have been totally transform the way the technology works to allow users to leave Skype open without bothering to save the battery,” said Eric Levine Lin, Product Marketing Manager.

But this improvement comes at the cost of a few sacrifices. Thus, the instant notifications on group conversations were disabled by default (it is always possible to reactivate via settings).

Skype also said to have fixed a bug that kept the active camera in users with terminals under KitKat and thus accelerated the depletion of the battery.

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