Microsoft may include support for WebGL in Internet Explorer 11

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he next version of Internet Explorer could use WebGL . Microsoft , could include support for this format from its next browser, since it seems and after analyzing the expert version Build filtered Blue Windows , it has been observed that in the code browser includes trails and some evidence of the use of the standard specification WebGL , which could go a long way in the future for Bill Gates browser.

Thanks to version Build of Windows Blue recently leaked on the web and we did echo through these pages , it has been found that the next version of Bill Gates browser, Internet Explorer 11may include support for Standard specification currently being developed to display 3D graphics in browsers, WebGL. As we know, the leaked version of Windows Blue , brought incorporated a version of Internet Explorer 11 , which showedtraces and evidence experts, that Microsoft may include WebGL in the final version of your browser.

In 2001 Microsoft declined to adopt WebGL

If you remember, two years ago, the Redmond giant would not take your browser to use this type of web technology. The reasons at the time gave users demanding the use of WebGL in Internet Explorer , which included multiple defects were and it was damaged, and that the use of such web technology posed a serious threat to the security of the userend . The June 16, 2011 at its official blog through exposing their reasons, considering at the time it was harmful and that the use of such technology had significant vulnerabilities of security , so Microsoft could incorporate technology WebGL in any of their products. For more details, the giant said WebGL uncovered the hardware of the computer.Components such as the graphics card offering a clear path for hackers and possible attacks denial of service. Also mentioned at the time, the lack  of a system of effective updates to the technology, and claimed that the user does not have the latest versions, increased the risk of vulnerabilities.

What earns the user with WebGL?

Many will wonder who is the WebGL and offers if you run it on your browser version. The standard WebGL , as we know, we can run demanding graphics applications directly in your browser and  without the need to install an additional plugin . If we applied this technology in the browser, we will display graphics in  3D hardware accelerated (GPU) without installing a plugin . The WebGL (Web Graphics Library) technically, is a defined API for JavaScript and HTML5 that allows us to use and control the native implementation of OpenGL ES 2.0 from JavaScript. Basically, we could have an area in the browser on which we could work with graphics in 3D . This would definitely a breakthrough for Bill Gates browser.

For now, Microsoft has not said the final word on the matter, that after all, is to decide whether or not to implement WebGL in Internet Explorer 11 . If you do, get a par with Google Chrome , which already supports this technology and is able to generate hardware-accelerated 3D graphics without the need for plugins or additional software.

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