Windows 8 get updated to Window 8.1

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The operating system Windows 8 gets an update.  8.1 version is available for download from the Windows Store on October 18, according to unveiled the company’s Redmond through its official blog. The update is free for users who already have a legal copy of Windows 8 on their devices. However, those with operating system Windows 7, Vista or XP , it will be forced to buy it. Either through or straight to DVD in its box in a store. Without knowing the prices that have different versions of the program in our country, they have been made ​​public that U.S. will: Windows 8.1 for $ 119.99 and the Pro version for $ 199.99 . Not very different from the rates offered for 8.

Among the innovations that will bring the new version are the new customization options , Bing Smart Search and more than 20 new applications and services . The full version of the software will be available in both physical stores and online, so you never need to have a previous version of Windows to have Windows 8.1 . Microsoft also announced on his blog that, in response to requests received by customers , has directed that the copy of Windows 8 that is sold in stores and online now is a “upgrade version”. This will allow many users doing things like building computers from scratch, run Windows 8.1 in a virtual machine, or if you prefer, on a hard disk partition.

For upgrades from previous versions of Windows 8 , plus pay must take into account some things, as the blog explains Microsoft . For users of Windows 7 , the upgrade will take place normally, but will need to re-install desktop applications like Microsoft Office . Users of Vista or XP will have something more complicated , since 8.1 is not recommended or intended for these operating systems. If, despite this desire to have it, should buy the DVD store instead of using the download, and boot from the installation disk to be carried out cleanly. Also have to keep in mind that neither the files, or settings if programs are transferred to the new version, so it will always be necessary to make a previous backup and reinstall everything on the computer.

On the other hand, the benefits of the users of the new OS, either it is done with a device equipped withWindows 8.1 as of October 18, you can switch to Windows 8.1 Pro for $ 99.99 and gain access to the activation of Windows Media Center . However, users of the Pro version who wish to use Windows Media Center should buy function, although its price is $ 9.99 .


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