Windows Phone gets YouTube app blocked by Google

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The current relationship between the two companies Microsoft and Google seem quite tense. Just a few days ago, Microsoft released its new version of the application from YouTube for devices Windows Phone , which this time he met all the requirements and conditions imposed by Google on other occasions. This was great news for users of this platform as we finally had an application where search and view YouTube videos from within an application without having to search through the Internet browser.

Windows Phone-Youtube

Windows Phone-Youtube

But Google seems to be satisfied with this new YouTube app for Windows Phone since it ‘s been blocked without prior notice and does not allow access to YouTube through the application. This action by the Mountain View has surprised everyone because this application was developed by Google and Microsoft simultaneously and therefore, it is assumed that everything should be in order.

So why Google has done this? At this point there are two possibilities: On the one hand, it may not be true that the issue have developed between the two companies and on the other hand, the rivalry between the two companies would have to Google to act this way in order to Windows Phone hurt and consequently Microsoft, as it may consider a rival very powerful.

Microsoft accused Google of wanting to hinder the growth of Windows Phone

Many users feel that Google is trying to hinder Windows Phone all you can to prevent it from growing. But this is not something that just think the users, since apparently, the guys from Redmond also have the same opinion and no wonder.

If we look back we can see how Google has taken more of a decision that has harmed both Microsoft and its mobile operating system. The first one was related to the web version of Google Maps , which no longer supports Internet Explorer, forcing Windows Phone users to use other alternative applications developed by third parties.

Then followed the elimination of Exchange and several synchronization protocols related to contacts, calendar or mail and now the problem is in the YouTube app.

A few months ago that Google forced Microsoft to remove the YouTube app for Windows Phone claiming it did not meet the requirements demanded. Now that Microsoft once again has again YouTube application that does meet the requirements, Google returns to the fray and this time has blocked access from this application.

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