Microsoft claims 170,000 applications: Windows Phone

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Since the beginning of the year, Microsoft strengthens its efforts to accelerate the development of applications optimized for Windows Phone. In May, the launch of the Lumia 928, the company explained that its download platform for Windows Phone included 145,000 applications.

Windows Phone

Windows Phone

A month later, Todd Brix, general manager of the division Windows Phone Apps and Store , explained the company had surpassed the 160,000 titles listed. On one of his recent sites of various statistics , Microsoft announced that it is now a base of 170,000 applications. 

The company says that users have made ​​250 million total downloads. At this rate, Microsoft should surpass the 200,000 applications by the end of the year. Remember also that the publisher has recently released its tool App Studio beta popularizing development to the general public. Applying online would have generated more than 30 000 projects in 48 hours. Microsoft and Nokia continue their efforts to persuade publishers to bring their popular applications on Windows Phone.

Asked by the resources last month, Bryan Biniak, vice president of the division Global Partner and Applications Development at Nokia, for example, explained that Vine and Flipboard will soon emerge. For its part, Instagram remains hostile and third-party developers must deal with API changes. 

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