Uber Launces Self-Driving Cars Service In San Francisco Without Legal Permit

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If you are tech savvy and usually take the ride-hailing service to travel from one place to another in San Francisco, here’s good news. You can now be one of those passengers who will henceforth ride on self-driving cars.

Uber has just launched, though introducing a small number of fleet, self-driving cars in the city to excite fans and people.

Earlier this year in September the company launched the same in Pittsburgh to make people experience the new technology in riding and identify glitches as well before further expanding elsewhere.

Meanwhile, it is not to forget the California law needs a test permit for such vehicles and sad to inform you here Uber does not have one.

Uber aruges it does not need to have such permit as the cars will have a human backup.

The ride-hailing company is less than a decade old, but it is well known for testing legal boundaries. In the past it has argued with authorities around the world.

In the latest announcement the company has not revealed the number of such cars that would be operating in San Francisco, but didn’t fail to mention those will be of Volvo luxury SUVs. A Uber employee will be seated inside the car to monitor the smooth functioning of the vehicle and to take over control if technology fails on the way.

Uber says it believes they are ready with the new technology to handle all the safety measures.

Meanwhile, Google has renamed its self-driving cars project as Waymo, which would be a separate entity under Alphabet umbrella.

Entrepreneur..been there done that.

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