Chrome 30 beta available for Android with many exciting enhancements

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Chrome 30 beta comes to Android adding many new and interesting improvements in both performance and features added to the latest version. Gestures have been added that make the experience of using the Google browser better than before.

Work in your web browser Google Mobile is focused on their application is growing fast. Not only the speed at which the browser offers search results (also) but to the speed with which the user can handle the application. Added gestures take you, when you you’ve learned how to handle the application faster and easier . Perhaps the best zoom gesture is introduced that already knew thanks to Maps for Android.



The new gestures in Chrome 30 beta

To switch between the tabs you have open, and not worth dragging horizontally from any “height” of the screen. Now we have to drag from the search bar to switch between tabs and other (take 1). Moreover to see all the tabs you have open, it has added a new gesture. From the navigation bar, if you drag down the menu tabs deploy to choose even faster(capture 2) . As for the zoom in Google Chrome, everything changes with Chrome 30 beta. It has introduced the gesture that we had available in Google Maps. Now we have to give a touch, another touch and in that second tap, hold on the screen, drag your finger to one side or the other to increase or decrease the displayed.

More news from Chrome 30 beta

This latest beta version of Google Android has not run solely on these new gestures. Chrome 30 beta also includes other improvements that may not be so easy to appreciate (some) but significantly improve application performance and potential. I’ll explain everything below.

Image Search

If you like a photo or picture, to make a long press on it you will find a new option. Now you can find it with Google in order to find it in different resolutions or make a photograph similar to the initial. This novelty, a priori, may seem silly, but the potential is great and sure many will use it often.

WebGL Support

If your device has a powerful GPU, WebGL will be activated automatically and you will not have to do anything. Neither activate or disable, or configure anything, it is automatic.

Media Source API

Now the videos you see in Google Chrome automatically adjusted according to the performance of our device and our Internet connection. And it is logical, because it is not the same as a low-end smartphone high end one. Harnessing the potential of those who have it, to the fullest.

Device Orientation API

The gyroscope and accelerometer will make sense now in Google Chrome, you can make use of them without any problem.

New home page in Chrome 30 beta

The new homepage Chrome 30 beta really is a “little secret” of Google. This home page is not enabled by default and have to do it ourselves. It’s not complicated at all so, look the screenshot you leave then and if you like it, do not stop reading!

To activate it, so we have to do is enter:  chrome :/ / flags   in the search bar and, once we take the site in question, look for the “Enable the new NTP” to simply select the “enable “. Now, close your browser and you will see the new home page in each new tab.

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