Spotify with new and more beautiful look

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Now Spotify launched a new design, it now has a darker, blurred pictures with album art and less visual distractions palette.

It is the first update of the design Spotify on different platforms in years and comes after Spotify logo redesign last year and some recent, as more blacks in their desktop app last year adjustments to certain elements.

The redesign, which was initially released for the iPhone, the desktop application and the web version is darker to mimic the feel of a movie in which the lights in a darkened movie theater. It’s easy to identify people and artists with circular photos and items related to music, such as disks and playlists are presented within a frame. The updated design Spotify also includes a new typeface and uses the typical green brand for navigation bars and other elements.

The search function now has more space to display the results, and the pages of the artists show a darker background to highlight more the album art.

The company also said it will launch a section called Your Music (your music), designed to help you keep the albums and songs you like in a personal collection, organize music and navigate more easily.

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