The iPhone will have music radio in June

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No will pass the year without that Apple and Google premiere their own listening services musical, the style of Spotify. According to resources, Apple is in negotiations with seals Warner and Universal to reach an agreement with the rights of reproduction and so launch your service before summer.

iphone Radio

iphone Radio

The service will not be exactly like Spotify, which triumphs in Europe, but rather that of Pandora, which dominates in the United States, which broadcasts music but not at the request of the listener, but is guided more by their trends and tastes. Another of its particularities is that would facilitate the direct purchase of what is being listening with free to your store iTunes.

Although no comments by part of the company, following its policy nominative the service could called iRadio, and would be a logical extension, and necessary, to its music store. The popular success of Spotify and Pandora, and others, are also making a second term on iTunes. A service like iRadio connected to the store would cover all commercial, without the need to get out of Apple. In principle, the date more natural for the ad service officer Apple would in June, coinciding with the annual meeting of its developers.

The urgency of the service is also driven by the knowledge that Google prepares something similar to before year end. In your case the service is would call YouTube Music, and would have the uniqueness of the videoclips.

Apple was pioneer with the iTunes store and for their majority agreements with major labels and independent, however those agreements are not worth for the case of the service of streaming, where the aficionado listens, but are not download the music in your appliances. In these cases, the usual is a monthly subscription, sometimes free in exchange for advertising, sometimes of payment. In the case of Spotify the monthly tariff Premium is 10 euros, which gives right to listen music for unlimited time and in different appliances. 

Spotify has over 20 million subscribers, of which pay for the service a quarter, but this is not worrisome for its financial health, but low advertising revenues. The global expansion of Spotify also is costing face. His Revenue increased 151% until the 244 million dollars, but also losses that passed of 37 million dollars to the 60 in 2011, last exercise del that has constancy.

In the case of Pandora, subscribers total over 125 million in United States (also works in Australia and New Zealand), where publicly traded, with revenues of 274 million dollars, mainly by advertising. Like Spotify, also gives losses. Last year, more than 16 million.

The arrival of iRadio of Apple and of YouTube Music would endanger both platforms, especially the of Spotify, which has no a particular market, as is the American in the case of Pandora. The two giants would open its service streaming in a dozen countries at once and would use their clouds for the amateur could create your own lists or store your disco music.


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