Spotify plans to offer video on demand to compete with Netflix

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The streaming music service Spotify brings new horizons. As reported by resources , Spotify intends to become service video and music on demand . The new service would invest in original content and compete head to head with Netflix .

This important change to Spotify would compete with content creators and providers such as HBO . This channel originally aired Hollywood films began producing original content as the series’ The Sopranos’ and ‘Sex in the City’ and now charges a fee of 15 to 20 dollars a month to its subscribers, with products as successful as’ Game of Thrones’.

Although, if you want to gain a foothold in the streaming video market in payment, Spotify will have to have a large catalog of content , which appear in the latest releases. You also need a payment model similar to that offered in its music service, and it can be competitive with Netflix.

To do this, the Swedish company should increase its funding . Spotify is seeking partners who can help finance the project in streaming video and create exclusive content. It is unclear whether the talks would lead to a new round of investment in Spotify. Last fall, Coca-Cola and Goldman Sachs invested $ 100 million in the company.

Given the success of Netflix, Spotify bet on a similar model, taking advantage of the distinction between the Internet-based video and cable television has blurred thanks to the rise of smartphones, tablets and Internet-connected TVs. But for now, the company has not confirmed or denied this plan.

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