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The possibilities of listening to our music in the cloud have drawn the attention of many users, in part by easily tools like Spotify , but not the only. Samsung also wanted their cake in this aspect, and offers a complete tool to enjoy our music anywhere , besides being able to hear new songs and radio stationsAnd, unlike Spotify , Music Hub , which is the name of the application for Samsung offers a complete service to listen to music without limitations or advertisements , acquire new songs, select the onesclosest to our tastes and store in the cloud to 100 GB of our own music . All this through a very simple and convenient in use for the brand terminals Korean .

Well, this full-featured music just received a new update , increasing their number to the 3.0 version with few but interesting news . And is that Music Hub wants to completely adapt to the latest version of Android , known as Jelly Bean , both in visual appearance and in features and functions to make it more comfortable, useful and colorful. Three new developments that we detail below.

The first, and users who have already used this application will see firsthand, is his change in appearance . And is that Music Hub has changed its design, leaving behind its colorful buttons and menus for a style more austere and elegant . Something that we see, especially in its main screen , where we found a four categories with the different sections of this application. This does not mean that maintains its color through the album covers or themes that sound. However, now looks more integrated with the environment Android 4.1 .

Also new is the ability to add a widget Music Hub to the lock screen of the terminal. And, with Jelly Bean can access our applications without unlocking favorite completely terminal. Something that you can do with Music Hub . Thus we are allowed to access the video by the application itself or from the lock screen itself, which saves considerable time and allows us to stop playing in a few seconds .

Finally, we have improved the player of this application, one of the key points Music Hub. now becomes more intelligent , and knows to avoid the catalogs or songs that have problems when playing , for those whose streaming is better and softer. Something that prevents the music intermittent cuts and despair of users to hear a song correctly.

In short, this is an interesting facelift , especially for the most frequent users of this music platform that already has 19,000 songs available . The Music Hub version 3.0 can now be downloaded to the terminals as the Samsung Galaxy S3 or Galaxy Note 2 through Google Play or platform exclusive Samsung Apps for completely free . Yes, the unlimited streaming service will cost just under 10 euros per month .

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