Mars has continental plates – shifts can shake planet

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A U.S. scientist has found evidence on Mars, that the Red Planet could have tectonic plates. He would be the second planet in the solar system, with these tectonic activities. And just as on Earth, it would thus quakes on Mars.


The U.S. scientists on Yin has actively dealt with images of Mars and discovered evidence of plate tectonics. In order for the Red Planet would be the second in our solar system, the continental plates has. As a comparison object was always looked on our home planet.

“When I studied the photographs of Mars, were like many of the structures of the active fault systems, which I knew from the Himalayas and from California,” Yin said to his studies. The similar structure can also include a similar natural phenomena. So it would be on Mars also earthquakes.

Floor plates on Mars moved 150 kilometers opposite, and thus formed a ditch. 


“The crust of  is obviously broken and move horizontally. ” This presented the researchers determined on the basis of a ditch, where the continental plates shifted by about 150 kilometers from each other. However, the activities awaken only at irregular intervals.

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