Brutal: Harley Davidson introduced the electric bike (photo)

Tremendous: The motorcycle company begins a new era to protect the environment. Harley-Davidson already has its first electric bike a sleek, futuristic vehicle that sounds like a jet taking off and can accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour.

So the recent dramatic looks explosive prototype electric motorcycle developed by Harley-Davidson now. The company already has its first electric bike even all a sleek, futuristic vehicle that also sounds like a jet taking off and flying.

From the moment it was unveiled the prototype of this bike have been many comments that have emerged in social networks.

Project LiveWire, stay with that name because will certainly arouse much.This is nothing more nor less than the first prototype motorcycle electric drive launched by the well-known Harley-Davidson , which is causing a high expectation among lovers of motorsport.harley--575x323

Project LiveWire not yet but will release some lucky may participate in an upcoming Test tour to be held on Route 66 to be the clients own the prestigious finalize the details of the model.

So the innovative model will visit more than 30 official dealers for a small selection of customer input on the first Harley electric, later driving the same objective to Canada and Europe.

LiveWire project is an investment in the company for the future and sustainability reinvents integrating new technologies. Regarding the characteristics of the model promises the expected power by the people, with special attention to the feelings and tried to “make it sound like a jet turbine.”

And of course in the design, futuristic and elegant, as important as its 74 horsepower, I use to reach nearly 150 Km / hr at maximum speed, and recharge your battery in just three hours.

We will have to see if indeed this bike Harley meets all expectations within which has already generated, which certainly are striking.

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