Microsoft OneDrive now offers upto 15GB free space and revise rates


After replacing SkyDrive , OneDrive is now struggling in the market with Google Drive. Microsoft messes up its storage space online OneDrive. To give a boost to its solution, Microsoft has announced sharp drop in its tariffs.

It begins with 7 GB of free storage for all users; and so those who have such a simple account and now upgraded to 15 GB, which is exactly the same volume as that proposed by Google in its home solution.

Microsoft also offers 200 GB storage space,an intermediate threshold between 100 GB and 1 TB is now available for $ 3.99. Actually a significant sharp drop in tariffs are offered as these volumes were charged 7.49 and $ 11.49 so far. Users of Office 365 are other big winners of the redesign of the fee schedule. In fact, they gain access to a storage space that is 1 TB instead of 25 GB. A development that affects all versions of the subscription from the personal version, billed $ 6.99 or 7 € per month .

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