Steps to care of Computer and Printer

Computer and Printer

Now a day, we require computers and its peripherals in day to day activities. To ensure its long run, we need to take care of the computer and its peripherals carefully. Here are few tips related to that:

Care tips for the Computers

It is highly important that you keep the computers in a safe and dry place. Be careful about moisture and heat. Remember that the computers should not be placed anywhere close to the heat or water source. Often people have the habit of drinking or eating next to the computer. Please avoid doing this.
You need to regularly clean the computer to avoid dust settling down on it. However, often people are not aware about the right method of cleaning the computer. Make sure that you use nothing but a static free cloth to clean the computer. There are special static free cloth and cleaners to be used only for the computers. Use them for your PC.
Often dirt gets accumulated on the keyboard. While it is easy to clean the dirt from the sides of the keyboard, you can face trouble in taking out the dirt from between the keys. The best way to clean the dirt from in between the keys is to turn the keyboard upside down. Shake it little bit and all the dirt will automatically fall down. If there is still dirt among the keys, then you can use compressed air.
Make sure that the ventilation holes in the computer do not have any blockage. There should not be any dust blocking in the ventilation holes. Remember that blockage in the ventilation hole will lead to the overheating of the computer.
Again, you can use compressed air to remove the debris from the ventilation hole of the computer.
Make sure that your computer is plugged in with the surge protector.

Care tips for the Printers

Clean the removable parts of the printer at first. You can use a dry clean cloth to wipe the removable parts of the printer.
It is highly important that you use appropriate paper size and quality in the printer. In order to do this, read the manufacturer instructions carefully. Make sure that the paper you use in the printer is as per the ideal size suggested in the manual.
When you are using the printer, often people tend to overfill the paper tray. Do not do this. Put as much paper sheets as required.
In case any paper sheet gets trapped inside the printer, remove it immediately.
Be careful with the printer ink. Use branded high quality ink like – Canon Large Format Ink. While you are refilling the ink, read the manual instructions carefully. Carefully open the printer and remove the used ink cartridge.
If you are unable to find the ink cartridge in the printer, use the printer’s manual for instructions.

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