Are Online Fake News Another Malicious Payload In Ecosystem

There are smarter people on top of smart ones and this was evident just ahead of the United States presidential election when Macedonian teenagers created fake pro-Trump news stories to earn more from ad clicks in the web world.

The weaknesses in tech infrastructure helped the young ones harvest buck and also debate over fake news in the political world.

However, the end result is IT needs to worry about as false or fake news carry misleading information and can affect anyone or any company. Such publications should be on the radar of IT security.

Until now fake news or information was not a security concern, but now things need to change.

If looked in a different angle, the fake news are just another malicious payload that is delivered by an ecosystem.

We understand an email about a Nigerian fortune should not be clicked but are we trained not to give importance to a news that says a political candidate you hate is going to jail.

If believed to Easy Solutions CEO Ricardo Villadiego, fake news also relies on tricking the human eye as some scam pages also copy the design of Forbes article.

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Raj Kumar Mishra
Entrepreneur..been there done that.