WhatsApp again be free for iPhone users for a limited time

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The application costs € 0.79, although this Wednesday you can download for free. IPhone users will not have to pay for the new version of WhatsApp. From the App Store is available for download, if only temporarily, so do not waste time.

The application WhatsApp Messenger instant messaging becomes available for free for limited time IOS devices . This strategy, followed by the company in the past, makes downloading one of the most popular apps to send messages, photographs and audio and video for users who do not already have and not want to pay for it in the “App Store. “

Whatsapp Messenger is a mobile application that has helped to revolutionize mobile communication devices. This “app” to send messages for free, you only need to have a smartphone with an Internet connection to communicate with other users. The IM apps have managed to overshadow the mythic SMS and sometimes the calls.

On other platforms

The application of the company WhatsApp Inc. is free Android operating system, Windows Phone and Blackberry. However, Apple users have to pay 0.79 euros to take advantage of this app. Although not an exorbitant amount for an application (the standard price of the apps from the ‘App Store’ from Apple) and the price is depreciated almost to send the first messages from the app, many users do not want to pay for it.

For this reason, the application for users of IOS is again free for a limited time. It is only necessary to access the ‘App Store’ from Apple since the iPhone or from iTunes for free download application.

With strategies like this, WhatsApp wants to regain the confidence of users of IOS, since the application last week for Apple devices suffered a series of problems with its latest update, leaving WhatsApp completely unusable for models below the iPhone 4 . Before solucionasen problems with the upgrade, users had to uninstall and reinstall the application, thus losing all saved conversations.

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